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This is a community for lovers of The Last Unicorn, moderated by miladyhawke

Acceptable Posts:

1.) Fanfiction. Any rating or subject matter, but warnings are necessary.

2.) Challenges/Requests.

3.) Related website pimpage. Have a website or group related to The Last Unicorn? Advertise here - but once only, please. No one wants their friends' page choked by ads.

4.) Icon, songvid, art, manip pimpage, etc.

5.) Discussion about The Last Unicorn, Two Hearts (and the upcoming remake of TLU!)

6.) Discussion bearing a relation to TLU: unicorns, chivalry, fairytales, etc.

7.) Other topics related to Peter Beagle

8.) Anything else, ask and we'll add! *G*


A Note on Providing Downloads (ie songs and the like): Please FLOCK the post!


Unacceptable Posts:

- Quizzes/memes.
- Personal issues with other group members.
- Flames. Constructive criticism, on the other hand, is fine.
- Unrelated community pimpage. Any ads posted that have nothing to do with The Last Unicorn.
- Off-Topic posts, ie posts unrelated to TLU or Peter Beagle.

How To Post:

To be able to post, you must first join the community. After you have done this, you'll be able to select "last_unicorn_" from the list headed Post to at the bottom of your personal Update page. You can also post from the community.

Always include a subject to your post. It should summarize what your post is about, so that someone who is looking back through the archive can easily find what they're looking for. For instance, say you happen to be posting fiction. In the subject line you would need to follow fandom conventions along the lines of "Fic: Title, Amalthea/Lir, (1/?, R, Romance, Angst)"

Fic headers should include:
Pairing: (if there is one)
Warnings: (when in doubt, warn)
Feedback: (Would you like it? If so, expect praise and constructive criticism)

All fics should be placed behind an LJ-cut.
Leave your headers outside the cut, then enter before the main body of your fic, and then at the end, <*/lj-cut*> (without the stars).

Want to Beta? E-mail your username to juliebgood001@hotmail.com to have yourself listed here.

Questions, comments, concerns for the good of the cause? Don't hesitate to contact miladyhawke at juliebgood001@hotmail.com

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