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Lacey Chabert Community

Welcome to the Lacey Chabert community. Here you can post and talk about anything to do with Lacey. Here are a few rules and guidelines to check out before posting.

  • Only post on things connected to Lacey in some way. Ex, about the movies she's been in, the actors she's worked with, the makeup and clothes she's worn, even just makeup and clothes in general (because that ties into the theme of her movie, Mean Girls). Posting about how your dog isn't housebroken isn't acceptable.
  • Only plug other communities if they have a slight connection to Lacey. The same guidelines as said above apply here. Good ex, Louis Vuitton communities, rating communities, and Mean Girls communities are all great. But a community about parrots isn't what we're aiming for.

See? That's easy. So, go post and join.