Looking for a fic again.

I'm looking for a fan fic that takes place on Sara's birthday. It's also New Year's eve. She mentions to a friend that she never knows if the party is for her or an excuse to have a cake. She accidentally makes a wish to see the Goblin King when she blows out her candles. He comes and tells her he wants what she took from him. He says he will leave without it and answer her questions if she will grant wishes for him. He crates something that will let Sara know if he is telling the truth or not. I remember his first wish was to see her act like a chicken.

Thanks in advance guys :) I may post this a few places so if you belong to more than one group I apologize for the cross post.
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Hi there! This is me, faeries midwife, back again! I just found and joined this community. I'm reposting my work -- I reposted (on ff.n) "A'Chomraich" which someone was asking about on this site (I've been snooping), it's my effort at the Jareth stuck as an owl theme. :) Plus a few others, up on ff.n as well. I still have a few to post after I clean them up, but I'm missing quite a few of my older stories. If anyone happens to have saved them, I'd love to get hold of them so I can put them back up. :)
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Fic Search!

Hi there, I'm a new member, but a long time fan of labyrinth, and I come seeking help!
For the longest time I've been trying to find a certain fanfic that I read quite a while back, but can't remember the name of it for the life of me! I really want to read it again, so hopefully someone here can help me out @__@

The main elements I remember are that Sarah and Toby start fencing school (maybe just Toby at first and Sarah later? I don't recall...) and Jareth comes to the human world with the intent of wooing Sarah, and takes his chance by disguising himself as a fencing instructor that ends up teaching at the fencing school Toby is attending...Sarah gradually falls for the fencing instructor, and I wanna say that she was having dreams about Jareth at the same time...
Sarah's dad and step mom MAY have died during the story at some point, in a car accident during a storm, but I might just be adding that in from another story I read from around the same time. >__<

Anyways, does this ring any bells for anyone? The fencing is what sets it apart, I doubt there are many stories with that element to it, so hopefully someone else read this too! I know for a fact that it was on FF, so that narrows things down, I suppose.

New Labyrinth wiki seeking contributors!

Hi, I am working on building up a Labyrinth wiki, which you van find by flicking here. Although it's nearly at fifty pages now, many of the articles require expansion and there are still ones left to create. It's a big project, so any help anyone can offer would be appreciated. I hope you like the site, and I'd love to hear any feedback you may have. The site is fully referenced, and also includes many rare photos and especially written behind-the-scenes sections.
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Help! Fic search

I'm looking for a labyrinth fan fic where Jareth gets stuck in owl form (after being hit with an arrow?) and is tended to by sara who is grown up and living on her own. She takes him to a vet and then keeps him in her barn. He switches back and forth from owl to 'human' form and has no control over it.It turns out they were married I think and she didn't know. The vet is trying to date her. I'm going nuts can one of you help me.

PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME! I've looked though every fic on ff.net.
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Jarah OTP


Hello! I'm a new member and thought I'd introduce myself. I've seen this movie growing up--first as a small child, I remember being absolutely terrified of the goblins, then I saw it as a 6th grader in school one day. I had an awesome Lit teacher and she made us watch it XD. So while my friends were all babbling throughout the whole movie, this is me O.O OMG. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I even made my parents rent it for me that weekend. Of course, I got into other things, but when I got into classic rock I somehow remembered this movie and thought, I need to watch it.

And it clicked.

Jareth=David Bowie. WOOOAH. -says in a Joey Lawrence type voice- While I liked several of David's songs back when I first got into classic rock I was simply all over the place with music then. It wasn't until this year that I've become obsessed with him. I'd like more Bowie/Labyrinth fans to add to my f-list so I don't scare the "normal folk" on my journal with talks about how Jareth is being a douche in this chapter of my fic haha.

I also sometimes make graphics too :D My name is Jess, so hi! And yes, I ship Jareth/Sarah. Well I'd like to ship Jareth/me but since that won't happen I'd be happy to write for Sarah ;) My favorite Bowie song at the moment has to be um...Rebel, Rebel. IDK why. I just love the beat.

Jareth chibi

Hi all,

First time post here but I thought you might all be interested.

I've been doing lots of chibi drawing requests for friends lately and this is the latest.

This may be the most random request I've had for a chibi piece, which meant that it was tons of fun!

jenkenstein wanted the Grand Wizard from The Worst Witch, slugging it out with Jareth from Labyrinth.

Who hasn't wanted to see Tm Curry and David Bowie in a death-match at some point in their life? XD