Reppin' La Bella

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Astro Sign?Libra
Location?Bflo, NY.
Favorite Mob Movie?Good Fellas/God Father


I want to know what you are into..what would/do you do?


Wear? L.E.I., Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Mudd, RocaWear.
Listen to?Rap, R&B
Watch? Growing Up Gotti, Newly-Weds.
Hate? My ex-boyfriend.
Love? My NEW one. haha i'm such a dork:-P
If your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend?Beat both their asses.
If your boyfriend cheated on you with some random bitch? Dump him, he's obviously not worth it.
If some chick is going around saying she will kick your ass. She's 6' foot and has the biggest body you have ever seen in your life. Would you be scared? Why or why not? No, i'm not scared of anybody 'cept my ma. (teehee)Don't be scared cuz you aren't gonna win every fight, if you lose, atleast you tried. Never ever back down.


Talk dirty...(and we don't mean talk like a bitch/asshole. Tell us why you hate these people so much. If your not mean. Forget about it!


Your ex? IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE... URGH .. i fucking can't stand him..
Your least favorite teacher? shes a little bitch, i'd knock it to her...
Your bestfriend? haha, i love her<33 dawn
Hilary Duff? can't sing, can't act.. why is she famous again?
Lindsay Lohan? all she has is big boobs.


Cum'on tell me what makes you...


Special? my eyes
Sexy/Cute? bodyyy.
Feared? cuz i'm italian, what what. haha
Loved? cuz i'm niice;-)


Tell me have you ever?


Drop the "f bomb" around 5 times a minute?yes
Been arrested?no


Word Association...give me one word that comes to mind and why you picked the word!


Candy? Starburst
Mobsters/Gangsters? John Gotti
La Bella Mafia?this comm.. what what..
Pink?hot pink
Organized Business?organized crime?


(Pick two more people to burn)


Now tell me what/who is...?


Favorite Actor?john travolta
Actress?julia roberts
Singer?jessica simpson
CD? usher- confessions
Fuckin' Ugly? don vito
Flippin' Hott?JOHN AGNELLO GOTTI, my baby<33


If you want to be in the La Bella Mob you need to know some facts about life. Whats your opinion on these problems?


Same Sex Marriage?whatever makes you happy
Plastic Surgery?i wouldn't.. but it's your body.
Teenage Pregnancy?digusting.
Hate Crime?bogus.


Now, talk dirty. We mean what you think now. But keep it at a PG rating. You can make it as nasty as you want too. (ex. I got me some great pie last night from my best friends girlfriend.) I didn't say anything wrong. But you still get the picture.


The person you like?he's so fucking SEXY
Some random person you know? hawt?
Someones dad/mom?diiiirty


If your accepted this will become a new hott spot for you right? Make sure you support your mob and promote!!


Were you invited to this community? If so, by who? If not, how did you find it?: labellama08..


Post one clear picture of youself and two others...

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