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Mimi - tag Maureen/Joanne (tho barely)

Mimi had slipped away from the group, her heart hammering in her chest as she went to get her jacket from the back. She was a little afraid it wasn't as safe in the thrum of the crowd as it was on the stage with only the other girls there. When she returned, the group had dispursed. Everyone else had drifted away except Maureen and Joanne who still stood close together. She shifted in discomfort, wanting to approach but not at the same time. She put her coat down on a chair, her bag under it, then went to the dance floor. Not the stage but still a good place to release some anxious energy.

After the Club....

0cc: Mark is getting very sick and Collins has offered to take him back to the loft. Anyone who wants to join may.

Mark felt very sick. He had been drunk before but he realized maybe why he felt really bad.
"Collins, the reason I think I feel so bad is because I have never drunk that much in my whole life. At first I felt good, but now....." Mark quickly turned his head away from Collins and vommited again. Mark stopped walking and bent down resting his hands on his weak knees.

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The shift was over and Mimi gave a goodnight address to the sudience, though her eyes were rather locked onto the attractive group she had noticed before. Maureen (though Mimi didn't know her name - or any of the others for that matter) hadn't left after all. And Roger (WHERE did she know him from??) was still with April (she looked familiar too). Maybe she'd met them all at some club or something. Her goodnight done, she headed backstage.

She went out back and took a hit to slow her dizzying thoughts. She always did it alone. She didn't want her colleagues finding out about her little... habit. A few minutes later, sated and contentedly in a drug-induced haze, Mimi went back inside. She slowly dressed, absently fingering the pictures of her best friend on her mirror. She wondered where Angel was that night. She went into the pulsing thrum of life that was the club proper. She wanted to dance - for fun - and maybe have a few drinks. And maybe... maybe maybe maybe talk to those people... all of whom seemed familiar - Collins too. They were all happy about something, the gorgeous black man the center of their smiles and attentions.

Tentatively she moved closer to hear what they were talking about. She wasn't nervous. The customers here were good and the security was even better. They knew she liked to party after her shift and kept an eye out for anyone harassing her but that was rare and never a concern.

She was quick to pick out what the cause for celebration was. Collins had gotten a job - Brown University at that! She wondered if she had seen him at another school when she had accompanied Emilio to his classes and such.
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Maureen Johnson bounced to the music at the Cat Scratch Club. She'd told her boyfriend, Mark Cohen that she was going out and where in the hopes that he would come and find her. If not...well, she was perfectly capable of entertaining herself. Already she'd been propositioned by several people - male and female. Life was good.


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