Hey!  I wondered if any has, or would know where/how to find, screenshots that show The Disciple from Kotor 2, please?  Thanks in advance!
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I'm wanting to get the mac version of kotor so i won't have to keep plugging and, unplugging my xbox all the time. I've heard mixed reviews on the subject,some say its laggy with macs,some say its not,or that it won't work with intel.

Does anyone have it for a macbook? How does it run?
Also,is there any reason why they never released Kotor 2 for mac?
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Gizka Update

It seems that Team Gizka's Restoration Project had an update at the beginning of the month, their first in about a year and a half.  They released their latest build and the final trailer.  Hopefully, this means they're getting close and will have the final "product" ready soon.  Fingers crossed!  A (mostly) finished KOTOR II would be wonderful.


Shameless Plugging. LOADS OF CANONS

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    Four rather peaceful, uneventful years have passed since the Jedi Revan and his friends fought against the sith pairs that were threatening to uproot the latest foundation the galaxy had managed to put together. While their victory was a big one at that, it was only the beginning in what was going to be a game that would span decades.

    With the galaxy once again stable and settled from the backlash of the latest threat, Revan along with Bastila and the Jedi Exile headed for Tatooine for some much needed R & R.

    Days pass them by and yet the galaxy seems to be far more tranquil than before. Even the force doesn't seem quite right. Like there's a veil or whatnot covering it from most of the Jedi. And no amount of silence over a long extended period of time is a good thing. Fearing yet another outbreak by the Sith, the JEDI HIGH COUNCIL call upon Revan to once again play the hero and look into what could be causing the disturbance to the force. While hesitant to begin with, the thrill of the adventure eventually wins Revan over and he agrees.

    And just as before, Revan's friends gather as if there had been a silent call between the lot that share. After all while Revan may get most of the glory, without his friends and allies, the galaxy as they know it wouldn't exist.

    The only question that matters.
    How long can they keep fighting the same battle?

    YOU have the power to control their fates.
    What will it be? Will you join the ranks of the light?
    Or be swayed by the power that the dark has to offer?

We're a post KOTOR II game.
kotor I and II canons available as well as originals.
don't forget the rules, the application and the faces.