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Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

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Seeya... [30 Oct 2012|11:05pm]

Don't know if you all heard, but LJ is being taken over by the Russians [it's like a plot to a bad post-Cold War Avant Garde espionage thriller, or something. anyway...] and they're changing EVERYTHING INTO CYRILLIC. And as I'm sure plenty of people heard too, but Star Wars is being bought by Disney, so it seems everything is kinda falling to pieces.

I'm leaving for Army Basic next week, so maybe this is a good way to say goodbye to LJ and all the folks I've talked to on here.

This comm. is pretty much dead so far as I can tell, but I'd be remiss in not saying goodbye to everybody. Best of luck to you all!
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Heyya folks [04 Jan 2012|11:04pm]

I haven't played KOTOR 1 or 2 in years. I remember I stopped playing for a time back in 2006, and went into withdrawals. Of course I played one character each year after that, but I last played in early 2010. Didn't have any more concepts I wanted to try out.

Well, I started missing all the neat things about KOTOR2 today, and decided to play a character already well established in another series, Assassins Creed: Ezio Auditore de Firenze. I plan on making him in K1, K2, AND Mass Effect 1-2.

Anyway...anybody else play any neat character concepts lately?
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Novel and Comic [18 Nov 2011|07:36pm]

I know that most KOTOR news nowadays is instead SWTOR focused, but has anyone read the new Revan-focused book written by Drew Karpyshyn (and no doubt hoping to cash in with the MMO's success)? Any positive opinions? I see the reviews are for the most part negative (and honestly I did not enjoy Revelations at all, which I believe is all I've read of his), but I'm always on the hunt for more KOTOR-related releases.

Speaking of which, I am excited for the new comic series. I really enjoyed the first series.
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*Dusts off the comm* [12 Oct 2011|10:52am]

I know this isn't KOTOR, but many of us here are Mass Effect fans, so I thought we'd take a short detour.


Most of the time when a long time single player series adds MP/utilizes a new medium for MP, I usually get quite peeved because the SP is left as a steaming huge pile of dinosaur droppings [Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, Jedi Knight Jedi Academy].

But sometimes, game companies magically pull their heads out of their asses and deliver a MP that is grandiose, and appropriately compliments the SP [Splinter Cell Conviction, Assassins Creed Brotherhood].

So when I read that Bioware was adding a MP element to ME3, I thought "...FINALLY!"

I don't know about the rest of you, but ever since KOTOR back in 2003, I've always wanted some sort of MP for Bioware games. Where you take your pre-made Revans, Jedi Exiles, Sheps, and Grey Wardens, and pit them against other player's.

When I read about this, I was somewhat disappointed that you wouldn't be able to take your Shepards and use them in co-op...but this is still pretty damn awesome. Despite the shit with TOR, I trust Bioware to deliver in the SP department, as well as give us a MP that doesn't detract from the SP.
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Ye Olde Bioware Kink Meme [06 Jul 2011|01:37am]

Crossposted at carth_lovin and kotorfanmedia

Can't find fic for that pairing you love? Afraid to admit Vandar/Bastila is your otp? Well, you're in luck. oldschoolbwkink is a new kink meme for the pre-Mass Effect Bioware games, including KOTOR I & II.

He's waiting.
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Classic KotOR [25 May 2011|09:35pm]



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[26 Feb 2011|10:44am]

Hey forks. I was browsing wookiepedia earlier, and found this guy:


And I thought "...he looks really familiar."

Ignoring the similarities with certain anime characters who also like to wear goggles, I was reminded mostly of this old face:


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Republic's Justice [30 Nov 2010|07:35pm]


Title:  Republic's Justice
Author: darth_eldritch
Fandom: Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic
Size: ~ 700 words
Characters: Carth Onasi, Revan (Light Side), mention of Jolee Bindo
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "This is important to the Republic!"
Disclaimer: Star Wars and all canon characters are owned by Lucas Arts. No infringement intended and no profit is made from this work.

Republic's Justice
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KotOR Kink Meme [28 Jun 2010|04:45pm]

Hey there, this isn't mine, but someone's set up a Kink Meme for the KotOR games: kotor_kink

Hopefully, it'll take off!
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A wee deviation from the KOTOR talk... [14 May 2010|12:36pm]


Three reasons this makes me squee (yes, squee) fanboy style:

1. It's an RPG centered around espionage and intrigues.
2. It's being released in the U.S. next month
3. It's being developed by the same amazing crew who created KOTOR2 (the main reason why I'm mentioning it in this community)

Speaking of KOTOR2, for those who have team Gizka's restoration mod, how is it? I heard they released a near completed version of it a few months ago. (I have it on xbox, not PC you see)
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[15 Apr 2010|02:15pm]

Is it ever said how old Revan and The Exile are during the games?
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Disciple. [17 Oct 2009|08:43pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hey!  I wondered if any has, or would know where/how to find, screenshots that show The Disciple from Kotor 2, please?  Thanks in advance!

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Finally a released mod [07 Oct 2009|07:03pm]

I was extremely happy when I came home and saw this is my news feed:

Fan-restored KOTOR II content creates refined, expanded game

After years of development, the cut content has been finally restored and the most of the bugs have been fixed, thanks to a project known as known as the "Restored Content Mod." The mod, revealed in The Deadly Stream forum, is in open beta, which means that players can now experience as complete a Jedi adventure as possible, provided they're willing to help the development team by reporting any issues they encounter. According to the project team leader, who goes by the handle "Stoney," the project's completion has been a long time coming. The result? An expanded, refined game that hints at what the original release should have been.

Full article here

I'm downloading now and can't wait to see what people think! :D
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[25 Aug 2009|01:52am]

I'm wanting to get the mac version of kotor so i won't have to keep plugging and, unplugging my xbox all the time. I've heard mixed reviews on the subject,some say its laggy with macs,some say its not,or that it won't work with intel.

Does anyone have it for a macbook? How does it run?
Also,is there any reason why they never released Kotor 2 for mac?
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The Old Republic [01 Jun 2009|11:10pm]

Mother of God.


The bitching about no KOTOR III?

...I take it back. I take it all back.

Looks like I am about to become an MMO player.
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Gizka Update [23 Apr 2009|05:59pm]


It seems that Team Gizka's Restoration Project had an update at the beginning of the month, their first in about a year and a half.  They released their latest build and the final trailer.  Hopefully, this means they're getting close and will have the final "product" ready soon.  Fingers crossed!  A (mostly) finished KOTOR II would be wonderful.

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Hey forks [06 Apr 2009|10:52pm]

I saw this and was pretty blown away. Basically Kreia tells the Exile where Revan is, but it's a lot more than just the basic ending for K2. It actually has some modded content, but it doesn't over do itself. Very well done.

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Shameless Plugging. LOADS OF CANONS [22 Mar 2009|08:23pm]

{Feel free to delete if not allowed}

user posted image
    Four rather peaceful, uneventful years have passed since the Jedi Revan and his friends fought against the sith pairs that were threatening to uproot the latest foundation the galaxy had managed to put together. While their victory was a big one at that, it was only the beginning in what was going to be a game that would span decades.

    With the galaxy once again stable and settled from the backlash of the latest threat, Revan along with Bastila and the Jedi Exile headed for Tatooine for some much needed R & R.

    Days pass them by and yet the galaxy seems to be far more tranquil than before. Even the force doesn't seem quite right. Like there's a veil or whatnot covering it from most of the Jedi. And no amount of silence over a long extended period of time is a good thing. Fearing yet another outbreak by the Sith, the JEDI HIGH COUNCIL call upon Revan to once again play the hero and look into what could be causing the disturbance to the force. While hesitant to begin with, the thrill of the adventure eventually wins Revan over and he agrees.

    And just as before, Revan's friends gather as if there had been a silent call between the lot that share. After all while Revan may get most of the glory, without his friends and allies, the galaxy as they know it wouldn't exist.

    The only question that matters.
    How long can they keep fighting the same battle?

    YOU have the power to control their fates.
    What will it be? Will you join the ranks of the light?
    Or be swayed by the power that the dark has to offer?

We're a post KOTOR II game.
kotor I and II canons available as well as originals.
don't forget the rules, the application and the faces.
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[11 Feb 2009|02:14pm]

So! I wrote an essay on Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and its relation to The Old Republic. It came to me in the car, and it's more or less me laying out why I don't believe that TOR can never live up to a KotOR III, as we were promised.

It can be found here:

( KotOR II, or: Why There's No Way TOR Can Meet My Lofty Expectations )

xposted to kotor2 and kotorfanmedia.
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Tales of the Jedi [03 Feb 2009|08:24pm]

So I recently bought the Tales of the Jedi Omnibus collection.Collapse )
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