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kogo_'s Journal

Classical Japanese
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"Since the classical language has an easy grammer and limited vocabulary, a few months should suffice for the mastering of it." (Authur Waley, in his introduction to Japanese Poetry - The 'Uta', 1919)

Modern Japanese just too easy? Want an INTELLECTUAL challenge (cos there's no way your gonna learn this by chatting to people)? Can't get enough complicated kanji? Ever wanted to read the tale of Genji in it's original language? Been made to take a collage class which won't help you at all with your Japanese skills? Just want to impress people? This is the Community for you!

Armed with a kogo dictionary, denshi jishou, kobun manual we are here to struggle through the complexities of premodern Japanese language! Help with translations, discussing various ways of interpreting poems, offer insight into words we can only guess the double meaning of now.

Also discuss the wealth and subtlty of classical Japanese literature. Was Genji a noble elegant hero? Or just inbreed aristocrat used by house bound court ladies as a mastabatory tool? There are no wrong answers!

Or want to discuss your course? How are you being taught this language even Japanese people can't understand? Can your lectuer not teach grammer structures even if it's YOUR grade dependent on it? Want to bitch at the whole helplessness of it all?

This is the only community on lj dedicated to Classical Japanese! We are all stuck in the same (sinking) boat!

...and directions to Author Waley's grave will be posted if anyone wants to go piss on it.
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