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Hey everyone. Welcome to The Kingdom Hearts community for Roleplaying. We still have many avalible characters, so if you want to be a certian character, email one of the mods (punk_prince or schaly) With which character you want to be, and a small sample of roleplaying that character.

Character Journal: _sora_keyblade_
Played By: Jeremy [Moderator]
Player Journal: punk_prince
Msn: static_x_2001@hotmail.com
Email: static_x_2001@hotmail.com

*Leon/Squall Lionheart*
Character Journal: gunblade_leon
Played By: K [Moderator]
Player Journal: schaly
Msn: mattjeff_2xtreme@hotmail.com
Email: prelude_to_battle@hotmail.com

Character Journal: kawaiikairi
Played By: Erika
Player Journal: akisazame
Msn: hikouryuu@hotmail.com
Email: mnemosyne@wintergale.org

Avalible Characters
-King Mickey
And any other character you do not see listed in the cast section.

- Every player should respect one another. No flaming, or disrespectfull remarks will be tollerated. All disputes will be dealt with accordingly by moderators.

- Please post journal entries to BOTH your character's journal AND the community.

- Please have posts in a first-person narrative perspective. It isn't nessisary, but it is the perfered fashion. Future character interactions will be dealt with in chats, and posted by one of the characters involved in the community, and by all characters involved in their character journals.

- Others are more than welcome to comment to specific character's RPing entries. Other characters, are encouraged to do so if nessisary to story. Outside posters can post anywhere. Character journals OR the community, but players are perfered to keep replies in the community. Mind you if you wish to post comments in both, that is fine.

- Please respect the rights of other players. Be sure to ask before you bring in their characters.

- There is a TWO character limit.

- Please have your character approved by a mod (either punk_prince OR schaly) before making their journal.

- Players are expected to rp and blog regularly.

- This community is both Shounen-ai and Straight couple tollerant. So if you are bothered at all by what some of the more yaoi/shounen-ai players are writing, then don't read. And if you are a player bothered by this sort of thing, don't play. We here, don't want to single anyone out, so Yaoi/Shounen-ai and Hetero, alike is welcome.