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I've been so depressed bored lately. Maybe keeping a diary will help me. It's worth a try, I suppose.

Life on Destiny Islands is pretty boring without Sora and Riku. They always made everything interesting. Now it's.. just me. I miss my friends. I miss everyone.

Oh! Aerith came to visit me a few days ago! It was so exciting! She came on a pretty pink gummi ship and landed right on the beach! I showed her around the island and we sat in the Secret Place and talked for a while. She was really nice to me. (I always liked Aerith best.) We talked about Sora and how he has a duty to rescue King Mickey and that's why he hasn't come back to Destiny Islands with me. I asked if she'd talked to him, but she said she hadn't. I wonder where he is..?

I'm lonely. Now that Sora and Riku are gone, I feel like I don't belong here. Maybe it's because I really never did belong here. I only belonged here because I belonged with them. And now that they're gone, I feel useless. I can't help but wonder.. why did I come back here? I came from Hollow Bastion, so why didn't I go there when the worlds were mended? No, I came back here.. so there must be some purpose to my being here. My only task is to find out what that is.
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