Kairi (kawaiikairi) wrote in kingdom_hearts_,

I got a letter from Sora today! It was so unexpected! He sent it to Leon and Leon sent it to me. The problem is.. I don't know if I should write back. Will my letter ever get to him? Would Leon know where to deliver it? Would anyone know where to deliver it? Just thinking about Sora makes me sad. He said.. he said he would share a Paopu with me. If we did that.. I know that everything would turn out okay, somehow. I wish we had done it before everything fell apart, because then I would know we would be back together again soon.

Leon sent me a letter, too, and I know I should write back to him at least, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I feel so empty and listless lately. I hope I can visit Traverse Town soon, and visit all those people I hold dear.

Until next time, I suppose.
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