Mette (bubbleforest) wrote in kindagetmego__,

Taking Requests

Because I'd like to work on this particular aspect of iconing a bit more, I'm taking requests for text icons. It can be anything you want! A line from a song you love, a snippet from your favorite book, a quote that you adore ("South Africa, you dildo!" and such) - even a line from one of your own stories if you want to! Have at it!

But please keep in mind that 100x100 pixels is not a lot of room to work with. Your text of choice can't be paragraphs upon paragraphs. As much as you can shorten it down, the nicer it will probably look. If you want to see what kind of text icons I do, here, here and here are all my examples. The icon will probably be done in Century Gothic unless you specifically ask for another font.

Also, please pimp! The more requesters the merrier. :D

ETA: Please state if your icon is shareable when you comment.
Tags: misc: text only

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