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since im bored ill post some mental pictures here ya are

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THE CUPCAKE - my friends were throwing cup cakes in my room and one hit andys eye brow ring and the marks of it were in the cupcake - <3 it lol

Image hosted by
adam actually jumped onto my bball hoop after that... wat a crazy man

Image hosted by
kenna (my neice) had the biggest crush on adam - it was hilarious - she kissed him right after this picture

Image hosted by
adam bit kelly for being stupid...tah dah!!!! hehehe

Image hosted by
so he gave her a flower from our garden lol hahaha

Image hosted by
but hunter and adam became good buddies - and oh how sofisticated with the umbrella!

Image hosted by
and see wat hanging out with adam does to young children!??! hehehe jk (lol may be the funniest damn picture ever of hunter <3 )

Image hosted by
only picture i got of andy... he looks like hes doin a lil dance

Image hosted by
naughty boy.

Image hosted by
adam does the impression of the homeless guy that stole his sandwich.

Image hosted by
THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS!!!! adam doing his usher impression.. lol i <3 it

eh i just got bored n stuff so i decided to post pictures of people you dont know - yipeeee lol


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