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Where is your boy tonight [Kill me now]

You know you gotta help me out [Dance Dance]

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Icons: Fall Out Boy and more!
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About Us:
Jen and Corrine welcome you to 'Killer_Icons_'. As corrine plainly put: "Killy x Ann: killer iconss! ahah as in awesome! I get it!" But we do not intend to only make icons, you name it we'll try it! We've got alot of free time! :D Although our community name is a play on words, it's not just The Killers. Fall Out Boy <3 and basically any movie, band, tvshow or celebrity you can think of. So here's the dealio, You join, You request we'll make and hey, We may even recruit some makers! Awsome yes yes I know! By the way, Corrine and Myself are really cool. So feel free to add us and Im us!

Jennifer: miss_shady12 aim: Plance x sex

Corrine: vauxthecorrine aim: hobagel x


1. Join
Please join, we have a wide selection that we are adding to everyday.
Posting is optional, although if you wish to post.. there is a simple form.

2. Credit and Comment
Place all credit to killer_icons_ or the member who posted.
Comments are loved, feedback/advice or just some praise lifts our spirits.

Promotions: I will allow promotions to be posted,
however there will be a specific entry to post them in.
Just to save us all some room and fustration.
Corrine and myself are very active, so by promoting you may just get a few new members.

3. Request!
Request posts will be often, anything you got throw at us.
Most of everything your going to be looking for will be posted in the memories.

4. Enjoy!
Please do not direct link :) try: Photobucket or ImageShack

Won't you link or promote us?

Links: Please put one of our links in your info page! More members means more icons!

More buttons and codes

Promote: Well, we are growing but we could use some more members. Maybe you would like to throw a promotion out there?
Or share with your friends?
Banners Here :D

Tap the resources:

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