im new =) what do ya think about my new LJ layout? LOL :p kev looks so hot *drools* hey i was wondering if anyone is a member of britneyboards.com ? its the biggest britney forum and its kinda lonely there likin kev lol it'd be great if some of y'all join and defend him there...i meant there are some people who like him but most people hate him lol i just wanna kick their butts. oh and there's a thread dedicated to him which was first a hate thread but i managed to turn it in a fan thread lol... click HERE to view the thread. its great almost 900 replies are by ME lol.

anyway i have a picture request, can someone post the pic of young kevin givin the finger?? cuz it was posted in the thread but the pic has been taken down from the server and i lost all my pics a while ago during a HD crash..now i only save HQ pics of brit & kev together or kev alone lol, but i really want that pic tho its not HQ...
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This community is brand new. I just finished modifying it. I'm still trying to learn. I'm still learning about lj because I'm new to this.

I hope I get people to join in
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