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i <3 katie

Katie Holmes' Community
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All Members , Moderated
Hello! And welcome to the first and only (so far) Katie Holmes' community!

You know the rules, fans of Katie Holmes are welcomed. Tell us how wonderful she is. Give us updates, info, pictures, anything about the lovely Katie.

I don't enforce any rules, I don't care if you promote and such, but please use an LJ-cut if it's not Katie related.
If I see anything that's just irrelevant/obscene/whatever, I will delete your posts.

But otherwise, have fun! Thanks!

If you'd like, you may fill out a survey/questionaire as your introduction entry if you're a new member. You do not have to fill it out in order to be a part of this community. Current members are free to fill out the survey/questionaire as well. Thank you.

Why do you love Katie?
Favorite Katie movie and why?
Any Katie experience/obsession/stories you'd like to share?
Have a Katie-fun-fact we may not have necessarily known?
Post your favorite Katie picture(s) [please use an LJ-cut if you have huge pictures or have more than 3, thanks]:

I am the maintainer, rustysugar, questions, comments and suggestions are welcomed. =)