Rare Priest Pics?

Does anyone here have some rare Priest pics maybe you'd like to share? I am looking particularily for photos from the "Turbo" times, but any photos would be appreciated.

Thanks. :D
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breaking the law, breaking the law Bootlegs

i just wanted to say that :P

anyone on here collect priest bootlegs? as i have a collection of them in mp3 uploaded i know normally its lossless but they are great quality audio wise.

onto other new buisness im 20 from england UK been a big fan of Priest ever since hearing the song labeled above as subject ^^

what would be your favourite songs?
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I'm here

I'm from Russia, 17 years old and I'm a big fan of Judas Priest.
They've came to our country in the autumn and IT WAS GODDAMN BEST!!!
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