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jointicons_'s Journal

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This community was originally created for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans, now we have grown and we do include other fandoms. It started one day when Chelsea asked Alexa to do something to her icon because she was having a brainspasm. The teamwork is wonderful and this is how the joint came to be. We have found that working with other people on icons helps people learn new techniques that can be used on their own icons. This community is here to help people and for fun.

The community is run by fallenslayer, vetur, and brokenslayer

A joint icon is an icon that is passed back and forth between you and your friend (as a PSD, usually through AIM) during the production of it.

1. Only two people per joint icon -- unless otherwise stated in the challenges.

2. An individual may make more than one joint icon entry per week.

3. The icons MUST include whatever it is we provide each given week. It could be a screencap, lyrics, a stock image, anything.

4. Each week may have its own set of rules based on the particular challenge.

5. All entries are to be posted within a new post, with both usernames in it.

6. Entries must be due on the day we specify.

7. Both individuals participating in the production of the icon MUST be community members.

Deadlines may vary due to our schedules but we try to keep the challenges up for two weeks. The current deadline is: August 30th

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