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i really like ALL kinds of girls

-- jesse mccartney

The 1st & Most Popular JMac LJ Community!
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All Members , Moderated
Creator: Jillian: dancingqueenx11
Moderators: Ashley: radioromance___
Ti: ti_mccartney

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This is the first and most popular LJ community created for fans of Jesse A. McCartney. He began his career young starring in local plays with his family. He first began television when he starred as J.R. in the soap opera, All My Children. Jesse then left to be in the boyband Dream Street with 4 other talented young men, Matt Ballinger, Greg Raposo, Frankie Galasso and Chris Trousdale. After Dream Street broke up in 2002 he went out as a solo artist. His debut album, Beautiful Soul made platinum. His most recent accomplishment was starring as Bradin Westerly in the WB drama, Summerland, also featuring Lori Laughlin [better known as Aunt Becky in Full House]. Since Summerland has been cancelled Jesse completed filming Keith, and came out with a sophomore album, Right Where You Want Me.

I am NOT Jesse McCartney, or any of his family members, band members, co-workers, friends or girlfriend [Katie Cassidy]. I am a fan just like everyone else in this community. So please don't email any of us asking if we're Jesse McCartney or the like. Everyone in this community need to be aware of the fact that no one in here is Jesse or is going to try to pretend to be Jesse. If you are looking for a community that has role playing, then this is not the place. Thanks.

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If you have any questions or concerns contact the maintainer:
Jillian dancingqueenx11
email & msn: xodreaminstarox@comcast.net
AIM: dancingqueenx11

or the mods:
Ashley radioromance___
Email: cheercrazy8@yahoo.com
AIM: rockwitdasnwman or magicfairyfriend
Ti ti_mccartney
Email: crazy4_wantingyou@yahoo.com
AIM: piink penguiins
Sara brunnette_bayb
Email: rugrat2008@aol.com
AIM/yahoo: xxtear it down

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