New Administration

I have been negligent of this group, and even in my absence it has managed to flounder and have some new posts within this year.

So, it's time for there to be a new administration. I'll stay on but I need some active administrators to keep it looking fresh.

So, reply here if you're interested and we can work something out.


My friend is obsessed with him and I was just wondering is it me or does anyone else think Jesse McCartney looked like Ellen Degeneres a few years ago..?

Its sorta a running joke...

sorry quality is shit, but seriously which is which??

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Jesse's Birthday Present From All Us Fans!

Fans on his Kyte channel and fan club message boards were/have been chatting about getting a BUNCH of his fans together to buy HDYS like 3 times each on itunes so that it can be number 1 the week of his birthday. SO, just imagine how powerful of a statement we would make as fans if we got HDYS sleep to be number 1 on itunes, radio, and every other avenue possible all the same week, just because it's his birthday! We think/decided we should totally ban together and show the world just HOW MUCH WE LOVE JESSE AND HOW POWERFUL WE CAN ALL BE AS HIS FANS!!
[arashi] Scenery!

Looking for "Because You Live" video clip

First of all I'm a newbie. 19. From Sydney, Australia. Jesse's been to the country here twice and I've seen him in interviews and he's really really nice.

I was just looking for a downloadble version of the "Because You Live" music video filmed in Australia. I found it on YouTube and really liked it and I want to have my own copy. Hopefully this is allowed. Thanks.


hiii! :]

so i'm a new member (obviously!), not new to Jesse himself i've been a fan for a while (i should add a fan of his music first and foremost, i've never saw his acting! i know, i'm bad), but 'right where you want me' has turned me into a huge fan. it's an amazing cd.  (blow your mind my favourite song atm - without you from beautiul soul)

i look forward to being a part of this community!

ps. my name is Lynsey, i'm nineteen, and I live in Australia :]
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