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My Addiction

Jenza's Freaks
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This is a community for jen fans. yeah that's right, fans of ME! i doubt i have many, but if i do they'll have to join this community. haha. here are the rules.


1::no trashing jen!! if you trash me..i'll ban you from the community. so..there.
2:: no trashing my fans! if you have a problem with me, trash me...so i can trash you back, then ban you.
3:: anything made for this community, or for me and is posted here stays here unless you ask the person who made it. (that includes: icons, pics, banners, etc.)
4:: any biznatches who like to trash people anonymously will be warned. if the trashing continues, there will be no anonymous posters allowed.
5:: if there are any problems with other members don't post it in the community, contact me and tell me the problem. i'll take care of it.
6:: if i get more than 3 trashing's...i'll turn the community into a closed one, and i'll choose who stays and who goes. capishe?

that's it. join and be my groupies!!!