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Jamiebell_ @ Livejournal

A Fan Community

A Jamie Bell Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Hello and Welcome to Jamiebell_ @ lj, a community dedicated to the appreciation of the talented actor Jamie Bell!

R U L E S :
  ·  one - all posts must be about jamie/his work.
  ·  two - if posting any spoilers, please post them under an lj-cut with a warning.
  ·  three - posting graphics/photos/etc. is encouraged, just be sure to use and lj-cut for anything larger than 400px in width.
  ·  four - no hotlinking! if you need to host an image, try imageshack or photobucket.
  ·  five - please be kind to one another. anyone being rude or disrespectful will be warned. if the behavior continues, they will be banned.
  ·  six - please enjoy yourselves.

if you are unfimiliar with how to use an lj-cut, go here.

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L I N K B A C K :

L A Y O U T :
all graphics/coding used in Jamiebell_ were done by the mod, ibejeska

billy elliot, chris munn, dean stiffle, dear wendy, deathwatch, dick dandelion, flags of our fathers, hallam foe, jamie bell, jamiebell, jimmy, king kong, nicholas nickleby, pfc. charlie shakespeare, ralph ignatowski, smike, the chumscrubber, undertow