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i`m new..

1}Name/age/sex: Nicole/19/female
2}Marital status: I`m with my son`s father, we aren`t engaged yet but we know we will be married someday..
3}How many kids you have: 1
4}Child(ren)'s name/age/sex: Marshal, he`s 20 months..born 2/28/04
5}Your fav part about parenting: Hearing my son talk &laugh, seeing him smile, making him happy...hearing other people tell us he`s well behaved & seems like a happy baby .And when he was younger i used to love rocking him to sleep, i miss that so much . I also love to hold him as much as I can before he gets too big for me .
6}The hardest thing to adjust to upon becoming a parent: I think the hardest thing we have had to overcome is how other people treat us & act towards us because we`re young . We were both 17 when I had Marshal & some people think young mothers/fathers aren`t good because we`re young..not all young parents make mistakes that some do . I wish people would realize that & also that not every baby daddy is gonna leave the girl when she`s pregnant..People just judge us because we`re young..and I look much younger than I am..but whatever . We are a happy family =)
7)your favourite thing to do with your kid(s): Hmm anything ! lol I love reading to him, he loves when I read books w. him, he likes to go on sesamestreet.com, taking walks w. him, & cuddling w. him <33, tickling him ,watching him do anything, peek a boo, chasing him around our apartment, making him laugh, teaching him new things,,just anything that makes him happy, makes me happy . =)
8)Tell us a breif story on how you became a parent: Um well, Glenn & I were friends in middle school & high school, we both dropped out, he was 16, then a year later I dropped out when we were 17..(dont worry we both have our GED`s now !)then we started hanging out for awhile, then we started "going out"..long story short, i got pregnant after we had been together about a month(but like i said, we had been friends for years before)..7 1/2 months later i had our son, Marshal ( he was born 6 weeks premature) <33.
9)Share some pics of yourself and or your child(ren) if you wish: I dont have pictures on here,,im getting a new camera for xmas though !

Well, thats my story..i guess you could call it . Check out my userinfo & add me if you`d like . i`m a pretty nice person if i like you..my journal is friends only so comment on here if you want to be added. <33
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