November 3rd, 2005


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1}Name/age/sex: Krissie / 20 / Female
2}Marital status: Single
3}How many kids you have: 1
4}Child(ren)'s name/age/sex: Alayna Danielle (4 weeks) Female
5}Your fav part about parenting: I love just looking at my daughter and knowing that I created such a beautiful being, it's just amazing. :)
6}The hardest thing to adjust to upon becoming a parent: Knowing that I am solely responsible for her, the lack of sleep, getting up in the middle of sleep for feedings...hard, but also something to get used to
7)your favourite thing to do with your kid(s): I just love holding her. :)
8)Tell us a breif story on how you became a parent: When two people love each Just kidding. It's a huge story, but after a rocky relationship, a very difficult pregnancy, and a fairly easy birth, I now have my beautiful daughter!
9)Share some pics of yourself and or your child(ren) if you wish:

Picture of my daughter!Collapse )