November 2nd, 2005


1}Name/age/sex: Mary, 23, female
2}Marital status: married for 3 months :)
3}How many kids you have: 2
4}Child(ren)'s name/age/sex: Cayden is a boy, born June 10, 2003. Destinee is a girl, born Janurary 3, 2005
5}Your fav part about parenting: hugs and kisses, the smiles and giggles the wonder in their eyes as they find something new, watching them sleep...and so many more!
6}The hardest thing to adjust to upon becoming a parent: lack of sleep!
7)your favourite thing to do with your kid(s): read them stories and just cuddle
8)Tell us a breif story on how you became a parent: my husband (boyfriend at the time) and i were shocked when after 6 weeks of dating i found out that i was pregnant! there was no doubt in either of our minds though, it was meant to be. 9 months later, little cayden was born! true love at first site....when cayden was 11 months old, we started TTC again, and it only took us one month for little destinee to be concieved! I had a few problems with my pregnancy with her though, and she was born 5 weeks early...but she is thriving now!
9)Share some pics of yourself and or your child(ren) if you wish this is cayden this is destinee
and im in my picture with cayden :)
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