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slah me once
cut me again
tell me you love me
an you'll be there to the end
hold my hand
take my heart
tell me you love me
and well never be apart
pull me close and watch me burn
right there with the depths of your arms
you should play with me like that
when you gonna learn?
tell me you love me
promise things are gonna works
gimmie that 'look'
just to watch me hurt
babe im not always gonna be around
you need to undertsand
that you gotta love me now, while you can
i know teilling you this
its just simply the truth
you dont give a fuck
explaining things there isnt a use
beb ive tried, and ive tried
but god so help me
your just never fuckin'
mean while i'm wodnering how things should be
to keep on like this, with out you...
things just seem so incomplete...
but since you haveta go
still standing here for you, ill remian
so while your out
promise youll stay the same
heh i dont even know why
i just keep tellin my self these things
when your not even gonna try
ah fuck it
you dont care
you dont givce a shit
alright then what ever do what cha want
with out me by your side
its gonna burn like a bitch
i hope you feel as hollow an empty inside
and you made me feel
i cant believe you would do this
to anyone else yeah i can seee that happening
but to me?
heh just tell it to someone whos actaully gonna care
me? im just a waist of you time remember?
so when youve pulled your head outta your ass
gimme a call
and come on back.
you know
i still love
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