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Somalia Well Project UPDATE

Our most recent well digging project in Somalia has been completed!  We have wells in the middle and lower Shabelle regions that are providing clean water to area villages.  Many people are receiving their first local clean water in over a decade.

The field report reads:
“As a result of the [recurring] droughts in Somalia for the last two decades and the absence of effective central government for the last 16 years in Somalia, the requirements of implementing water projects in the droughts affected areas are of great importance to the local communities.”

Our wells were dug in regions where the distance between the ground surface and the aquifer was only about 30 meters (approx. 100 feet) and thereby were able to provide clean and safe water to many communities at a low cost.

Over 400 families benefited from each well dug in these areas.

Insh’allah, we would love to continue these sorts of programs to provide clean water to areas in the world where people are forced to drinking disease and filth-ridden water or simply go without.  Please continue to support our well-digging programs so that we can provide this source of life and renewal across the globe.

Please visit for a full story on this as well as images for all projects ongoing and past.


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