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Requests (Round 2)

Requests are finished!

captain_molly :

I hope it's okay, I guess it's a little more white than blue... but I still hope you like it!


For flockofpidgeons :

I probably had the most trouble on this one, Tommy! Argh, the colors were hard to work with. So yeah, it's not exactly grey but I hate doing grey/black/white icons. Hope it works.


For downpour :


I just realized I twisted the wording on the first one a bit, adding a "but", but it's too late to change it! I really really hope you like it.

Oh! And the second one, I LOVE. If you don't like it I'll use it : ) I didn't know if you wanted it in colors to match your layout, though, but I thought it would work better with these colors so kill me if you wanted blues and purples.


So yeah, that's about it. I'll have some Orlando Bloom and Company (lol, that means Dom and the other LOTR guys) icon up soon. I am SO SORRY it took so long to get these up but I really ran into a creative block. Sorry!

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