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So, it's been a while.
Well, not really, but here are some bits and pieces of news:

1. New affiliate, caffeineproduct, and you MUST visit her. Her icons are fabulous!

2. You might have noticed the one post I have below of my first piece of fan art. I am going to delete that as soon as I get around to it, because I have made myself a personal fanart community, not unlike this one. So, visit invisibledraws, because I really need to get my art out! It's not the greatest but I'm improving. (If you are a mod from hpart, then that will be my place to post my art rather than here, just to let you know.)

3. I am flat out of ideas, so I am going to be taking requests in this post. I need the following:
URL for picture: you MUST provide this!
Colour scheme:
To be made heir to your throne: just kidding again, how about the solemn vow that you will not hotlink and you will credit me in keywords?

I will finish these about 4 days after you ask, because I have no idea what homework I will have this week.
So, have a go at it!
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