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Knight's Tale Tutorial

Hi everybody! I have finally, FINALLY made a tutorial at the request of many.

Now, I usually love to search other’s tutorials to try different styles and all, but this is one I have coined and I have made up. So DO NOT STEAL IT. Use it for ideas. This same thing will not work on every picture you try. Just change it a bit to suit your needs. If I do see you completely recreating my icons, I will send my evil minions after you. Ha ha.


Okay, first I found a picture from teh_indy's screencaps.  I cropped it and sharpened it and all:



Then I duplicated it again and applied soft light to it, 100%:



Yah, easy enough. Then I added a dark blue colour to a new layer, and set it to exclusion 100%:



Then I duplicated the background again (the base) and dragged it up to the top. I set it to soft light 100%:



New layer. I filled it with a tannish colour #CCC881, and set it to multiply 70%:



Then I decided it was too dark. I duplicated the base again and dragged (or drug?) it up to the top, set it to screen 35%. Ah, that’s better.



Okay, enough of this. Now for the fun stuff.

I added a purpley gradient (by crumblingwalls ) to it, and set it to multiply 25%:




Then another gradient by crumblingwalls  that’s yellowish-greenish-blueish (Ha, I'm very descriptive, aren't I?). Multiply 23%:




That’s basically it for the icon itself. I added the text “Golden Years” to it, Times, size 3, (with 200 resolution) and a whole bunch of small text underneath.



Add a black border, and you’re done!



You can visit invisibleicons_ to see the complete set of icons that this one came from.



Other Tidbits:

-I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

-This icon isn’t exactly the original. It’s hard to duplicate an icon one made a week after one made it!

-I adore constructive criticism. This is my first tutorial, after all!

-Any questions? Spit them out.


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