November 20th, 2004

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News for the week of 11-20

Hello everyone! Let's see, some things have happened latley...

1. I got two new affiliates. everyboy is one, and her journal is absolutley fabulous! Her icons are for many different subjects, so go check her work out!
incarnatus is the other, and she is a very experienced icon-ist. She runs avada_challenge, I believe, so her stuff is gorgeous.
My other three afiliates are also great. peasanticons is wonderful, she has glorious work, but she's on hiatus right now. ickyblue has a million icons, I swear! If you are a Harry/Hermione shipper, then you will absolutley love her stuff. behind_thecuts is last but not least. She's got very nice things, from Lost and Harry Potter and other random movies.

2. You may have noticed (probably not, though!) that you were removed from the members list. Yes, sorry. I decided to once again go back to me being the only member. If you were on the members list previously then you are automatically now on the Watched By list.
I would love it if you watched/friended it though, if you haven't already. It lets me know how many people enjoy my work, and keeps it so I am "in charge", or so to say.

3. New layout, obviously! I love it, but I want to know what you think, so comment and let me know.

I will most likley have Pirates of the Caribbean icons up very soon, so check back! (And I need to make a resource list, I know, I know...)
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