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Self Mutilation: Cutting

Deeper than you think

In the cut
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"I couldn't handle emotions. And cutting was like a form of release. I didn't want to die. I just wanted a release from the pain." -From TeenVouge Article [June/July 2004] "In The Cut"

This community is specifically for Cutting Self Injurers.

As many cutters know, much of the world lacks a sincere understanding of SI. Cutters may find it hard to communicate with others due to the closed-mindedness of multiple individuals. But here, in Inthecut_, we’re understanding, sympathetic, considerate, and most importantly: compassionate. We welcome your posts filled with stories, pictures, updates, rants, vents, poems, and whatever else you feel like sharing.

This community is not per say Pro-cutting/SI. But we will never discriminate against a member for their SI habits. If we see any negative posts against a member or group for cutting, the post will automatically be deleted and the individual blocked.

This community is overall simple and welcoming, but we do require that you follow certain straightforward rules.

[1] This community is open to anyone. You need not apply or fill out any sort of application.*
[2] Please be positive and supportive. Help members understand that they are not alone and others do share their pain.
[3] Do not flame at members or start arguments in this community. Extra negativity will be deleted as soon as sited.
[4] Please do not come home and give us the details of your most recent test grade, best friend fight, or date with your boyfriend unless details about these events relate to you SI. Use your best judgment, we’re not too picky. But if we notice you posting unrelated topics, you will be warned.
[5] When posting long poems, stories, or pictures, it is directly required that you use an LJ-CUT. (Don’t know how? click here.) For two reasons. The first being, we want more than 3 posts per page. Second, many pictures, poems, and stories can be deeply triggering. If you have any doubt that what you are posting may be triggering, let members know by titling the subject line "Warning: Triggering" or something along those lines.
[6] Please do not promote in this community unless you promote for inthecut_ in yours.
[7] For any problems, comments, concerns, email Shain at stop_snowing@hotmail.com

Thank you,
Shain & Alexandria

* To make everyone here feel more at home, we created an OPTIONAL survey you may fill out upon your joining of Inthecut_ . This may just help members get to know each other a little more.
Do you want to stop?
How long have you been cutting?
How long since you last cut?
Reason behind cutting:
Have you sought help, explain:
Where do you cut?
What tool do you use to cut?
Other issues you faces:
Any goals? (i.e. "I want to stay cut free for 3 weeks" or "Tell my best friend the truth")
Random comment, note, or greeting:
That simple.

Please feel free to promote our community

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LJ: luv_shain / _toujours
RL: Shaina

LJ: inthisheart
RL: Alexandria

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