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before the gold and the glitter

uhm so this is my first entry.

Name: Nicole
Age: 15
Location: canada
Sex: female
Do you want to stop? i wish i never started
How long have you been cutting? 3 years.
How long since you last cut? 20 hours ?
Reason behind cutting: too many . i cant help it.
Have you sought help, explain: from a couple friends. no use .
Where do you cut? wrists, sometimes ankles
What tool do you use to cut? razor from pencil sharpener.. exacto knife
Other issues you faces: anoriexia.. in a way
Any goals? Tell my grandpa about my cutting and depression ..someday

im feeling really depressed today :(
fuck friends, theyre never there when you need them the most,
oh and i had my jounal diary thing i my bad yesterday,
2 girls im my class read it, my friends.. THANKS GUYS 
about how i feel, cut and dont eat. blah blah, but they dont know i know,
i was out in the washroom while they read it, and i slowly walked in as they were putting it back in my bag.
thank god they havent said anything
way to make me crazy self consious aroound them..
.. it had been about 3 weeks since i last cut
but last night i coulndt help myself.
:(, i dont think i will be able to today either .
i fucking hate this.
i hate being alone,
i hate having no one,
i hate myself .

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