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hey all (:

Name: Here: Autumn. (Real name: ask me)
Age: 20
Location: Europe
Sex: Female

Do you want to stop? I want to get control over it, yes. But for stopping it's too early.
How long have you been cutting? About 10 years.
How long since you last cut? Yesterday. -.- Before that it was 2 months.

Reason behind cutting: Many reasons. But I guess most of all the thought that I'm alone, no one understands, no one cares and I need something to clear my mind.

Have you sought help, explain: I was forced to go to various "professionals" but since 2~3 years I handle it by myself. Or at least I try to.

Where do you cut? Arms&Legs mostly

What tool do you use to cut? Everything sharp. When I'm about to cut, I don't think much.

Any goals?I want to get control. Not just over cuttin but also over my body, my weight, everything. I want to control myself.

Random comment, note, or greeting: Feel free to ask me everything you want to know. (: 

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