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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
8:08 pm
ucf_knights Come join now! Only a few days left to sign up!
Click the pic to join the community and sign up!
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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
12:49 am - Promotion

I've created a new community called ed_sorority. It is a community to support people with eating disorders. Open membership & hopefully lots of new members. Feel free to join =) !


Candy *


Thursday, October 19th, 2006
9:44 pm - New Community



Thursday, October 5th, 2006
5:14 pm



Monday, July 3rd, 2006
11:32 pm - Newbie

I just found this community, and even though I can see it's not the worlds most active community, I naturally love the .. dare I say, concept.

I've been bulimic and anorexic for almost a year now, and it has become such a big part of me that I'm honestly afraid of eating, and everytime I eat I purge; if I want to or not. My parents know nothing about this, and I'd like to keep it that way. It's my body and I want to be in control of it. No one's going to tell me I can't be pretty if I want to.

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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
11:44 pm


I am so pissed at myself.

My mother made a comment about my weight and I blew up. I absolutely went HYSTERICAL. I ended up screaming and thrashing and I don't even know what. I've never, ever in my life done that.

And then I said it.

"Mom, I'm sick."

She continued to tell me I wasn't sick; but I insisted I was.

The reason I'm pissed at myself is because I couldn't force myself to say:

"Mom, I'm severely bullimic ... "

I couldn't get it out. I TRIED to tell her and get help that way. I was too weak. I still am. The best I can hope for now is all the exercise, restricting, (diet) pill popping, and vomitting is somehow going to get me to my goal.

All I can say is I've never wanted something so badly in my life; and I won't stop until I have it.


6:53 pm
lesik_baby Sorry, but the previous link about Britney was wrong. Here is correct one...
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
6:51 pm - pro-ED site study
stanfordedstudy Dear Website Maintainer:

Pro-eating disorder websites are discussed frequently in the media, yet little is known about the reasons men and women use these sites, or the effects that this usage may have on their physical or mental health. Do these websites truly cause people to develop eating disorders? Or do they simply provide support for people who already struggle with disordered eating? Does the answer lie somewhere in between?

We are a group of researchers and specialists in eating disorders at Stanford University, working to learn more about the impact of disordered eating on health, and how the internet may mediate these effects. We have been researching the use of these websites in our patients since 2004, and wish to hear directly from the online community. We have put together an anonymous survey to assess website usage, reasons for use, health history, disordered eating behaviors and quality of life. Through this questionnaire, we hope to understand more about the health and motivations of pro-eating disorder website users in an unbiased way.

As you know, your website is highly frequented. We are hoping that you would be willing to post a link to our survey from your website. Your cooperation is critical if we are to better understand the reasons for using websites like yours. All participants must be over 18 years of age and read a consent form before participating in the survey. This study was approved by the Stanford University Panel on Medical Research in Human Subjects.


If you are willing to participate, please post the following introductory sentence and link to your website:
"Stanford researchers are interested in learning more about you, your health, and why you use this website. If you are 18 years old or older, please take 30-40 minutes to fill out an anonymous, online questionnaire to help shed light on why people join pro-eating disorder communities. Your anonymity will be ensured and your responses will help us learn more about these sites, in an unbiased way, from users themselves. Just go to: http://adolescent.stanford.edu/eatingdisorders/ then click on "subject 18 years or older" and follow the directions."

Thank you for your time- we greatly appreciate your consideration and cooperation. We are happy to share the results of our survey with you when they are published. Feel free to contact us with questions at proana.study@gmail.com.
Rebecka Peebles M.D.
Iris Litt, M.D.
Jenny Wilson, B.A.

Division of Adolescent Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine


Sunday, May 28th, 2006
10:13 pm - hey hey hey

My friends and i are on this pill called "Lipo 6".....Anyone know about it? Has it worked for anyone??? 
My friend lost 20 pounds in a month.....anyone else heard of this?


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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
11:45 pm



For Self Injury
Just Started Up.
Application required to keep out ignorant trolls.


Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
1:31 am

Hey, ladies.

I just got my mother to buy me diet pills known as "MEGA-T Green Tea Dietary Supplement." I REALLY want to get the stacker 2, but she refused to buy those. So my question is: Does the MEGA-T work at all? Have any of you tried them; and if so, what kind of effects did they have?

Thank you SO much in advance!

Stay Strong
Stay Amazing
Stay Thin



Saturday, April 15th, 2006
10:29 pm - new...

Hey I am new here (and pretty new to lj) I thought I would introduce myself. I am Jo I have always been pretty unhappy with the way I look people generally say I look like I weigh more than I do which is depressing. Anway here are my stats - h 5'7-5'8 cw 114 ltg 100. Anyway thats me hi.

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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
10:58 pm - diet pills.

i just have a quick question-- do you know if diet pills can cause stomach ulcers? i've been taking xedraless (walgreen's generic version of xenadrine) for about 3 months now, &lately i've had a lot of stomachaches. any insight is appreciated!

♥ nm.

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Saturday, March 11th, 2006
12:24 am - Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

Hi everyone!
Im falling way far behind....
I typically only eat dinner, no snacking or anything. But recently i havent been able to not snack! Also, today my mum bought me lunch and i had to eat it....I could really use some help or thinspiration! My mood is getting more an more depressed as i continue to think about how horrible i look (pictures soon)....Its becoming hard to live with myself.....HELP!

cw: 121
ltg: 105

Peace love and happiness!

(1"-Inspired-" | -Beautie-)

Saturday, February 18th, 2006
11:36 am

i know they would be judgemental if they knew how i was losing weight, but they can't understand. most of my friends are small and they can eat whatever they want. it's so unfair.

im having a really hard time today. i just really want to eat something. yesterday i started doing something that ive found to be helpful. i didn't think it would work at first. i wear a hair tie around my wrist and whenever i think about food, i snap it. i keep being paranoid that someone will have heard of that technique or something and know.. does anyone have any other tricks as well?


10:09 am - i'm new here

i added some thinspiration pictures to my LJ if anyone wants to take a look...


Sunday, February 5th, 2006
10:15 pm


thinpositive is a community I created for one reason- in the past when I've felt really great about losing weight and have gone to most weight loss communities- I've gotten depressed and lost hope because I read about binges and failure. I wanted a place to go for motivation without worrying about reading a very negative post and feeling the same way- negative. Negativity breeds negativity. Optimism... breeds optimism.


Friday, February 3rd, 2006
7:43 pm

advice needed!!

my name is jenna, and i'm a sugar addict. (hello jenna..)
i have the world's most powerful sweet tooth. i'm good about restricting, i fast pretty well, but the mere thought of ice cream will take me into a binging frenzy. i feel like just ignoring these driving cravings is silly, it'll just bite me in the ass when i start eating every sweet in the city, so here's where i need help!! what's your best faux sweet? so far i've thought of sugar free pudding, fruit, sugar free fudgesicles (and other sugar free popsicles)... but after that i'm stumped. i'm not kidding here guys, i'm a sugar junkie. help me out!!!

x-posted all over the place, sorry!

(3"-Inspired-" | -Beautie-)

1:45 pm

Ok...so i finally thought that i could start working on my whole ana thing but then i went to the doctors today and they told me that i was obese so i freaked out and now i think i am going to go right backm down hill. i have to loss at least 30 lbs before i go and see my ex boyfriend or i dont know if i will get on that plane and acually go! i dont want to be fat like i am. i just want him to look at me and be like damn, you have losed alot of weight. i dont want to feel fat and not want to wear short and cute tanks when i go out for spring break. i have to loss all that weight. does anyone have any ideas on how to loss it REALLY FAST!!!!

Please help me out!

(8"-Inspired-" | -Beautie-)

Saturday, January 21st, 2006
1:01 pm

so, im not new or anything, just took a break for a while...things have gotten out of control;

height: 5'1"
cw: 135
lw: 116
hw: 142

so, i started a fast at around 7:00 thursday night, and so far its been pretty good, the only thing i had to eat yesterday was 3 pieces of gum: 15 calories. so not too bad for my first day and today i have had 1 piece of gum. i just hope that my parents dont notice anything, im afraid that they would make me eat...and that would only lead me to purging everything that i would eat....but so far so good...i have lost 2.5 pounds in one day, i would have lost more if i worked out but i had a major migrain and was starting to get dizzy, im just glad that this one is going pretty well...the last one i was on ended after a day and a half because i couldn't walk and it was hard for me to swallow(spl?)...but im hoping to stay on this one for as long as i can, and if all comes to the worse...well, you know. so i just thought i would update a little....stay strong, think thin


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