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The Midnight Assassin

Innocence Lost, The Raven Chronicles

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This community is used for creative writing involving characters that were originally created for shadowed_kisses.

While reading this community, you may notice that it does not read in chronological order. The "story" seems to skip around in no particular pattern etc. This is mainly because the "story" itself is used as a means of getting the creative juices flowing and to practice creating a story line and in depth characters for future novel writing. So, I apologise if it is somewhat confusing at times lol.

To aid in helping you make sense of the somewhat random order, I have created a contents page; which lists all posts/entries/stories in the correct chronological order.


While I'm not actively writing for shadowed_kisses any more, I decided to further develop the character of Raven.

I hope you enjoy the tale of "The Midnight Assassin" :)



Disclaimers and Legal Stuff:

*This community is in no way linked to shadowedkisses, it is however linked to shadowed_kisses, and uses characters from there in many of the entries.

*I am in no way affiliated with WhiteWolf Games Inc. or any of their companies and my views are not their views and vice versa.

*The subject matter of this community is for personal use only and I in NO WAY intend to publish or sell any subject matter relating to "Vampire: The Masquerade", "Vampire: The Requiem", and "The World of Darkness", without the written consent of WhiteWolf Games Inc. or their parent company, (or indeed any of the work posted here).

*The character of Raven, and indeed other characters I create here, are copyright of me. No stealing.

*Journal and community layouts for shadowedkisses, shadowed_kisses and innocencelost_ were created by me, which is why they look similar ;)


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