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Sonic Alpha

Assignment: Travis Aldridge (Part 4)

Raven stopped pacing the study and glared at the screen on the wall, part of the video conferencing system that Angelo had set up, the man being displayed clearly wishing he couldn't be seen right now.

"How could you not know?" Raven roared. "You've had him under surveillance for months; he's been working closely with members of the council. Was everyone so busy kissing his ass that they didn't notice he was a vampire?"

The man on the screen shuddered visibly, and stuttered his response.

"R-r-raven, i-i-it is as much of a s-s-shock to us, as i-i-it is to y-y-you. W-w-we're looking into h-h-how this c-c-could have happened…"

Raven had moved around the room to stand behind the large study desk, and slammed her fist down interrupting the man. Before he had the chance to continue, Raven cut in, her voice steely cold, her eyes locked on the image on the screen.

"As I am now a high ranking member of the council, you will show some respect and call me Miss Quelhaven, or ma'am. I am also evoking my new security status and requesting, no 'demanding', everything you have on Travis Aldridge, no matter how classified it may be. I expect that information to be on my desk within the next hour. If you fail in this task, not even the warm light of day will be enough to keep you safe. Am I making myself clear?"

The man on the screen swallowed hard and stammered his response, "Y-y-yes, ma'am."

With that the image blinked out, Raven sat down behind the desk, and slowly a satisfied smile played across her lips.

----To Be Continued----

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