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Assignment: Travis Aldridge (Part 2)

"You do know who Travis Aldridge is, right?"

Raven took her eyes off the giant screen that took up one of the walls of Daniel's "office", to look back at him.

"I hadn't heard the name before this morning. Should I know who he is?"
"He's like the Bill Gates of the medical world!" Daniel replied feverishly.
"Easy tiger, you’re going to shoot a load if you're not careful." Raven replied, trying hard not to laugh at just how excited Daniel was. "Let me guess, his work involves blood, right?"
"Yeah, how did you know?" Daniel tapped a few keys on the keyboard, and the screen mounted to the wall, changed to an image taken from a newspaper.

The headline read "New hope from Aldridge", and the article detailed work Travis had done to aid those who needed blood transfusions.

"It would explain why the council were so interested in him, we've been working on synthetic blood for years, we just haven't perfected it yet." Raven turned her attention back to the monitor.
"So, why do they want him dead?" Daniel asked, fingers striking the keys of the keyboard hard, fast and noisily.
"He's outgrown his usefulness, normally we'd turn him, siphon off his accounts, and terminate him further down the line. However lately he's been getting too big for his boots, and there are rumors of him meeting with factions that aren't part of the council... though nothing has been confirmed. The council believes he's become a liability, which is where I come in." Raven picked up the cup on the edge of the desk and took a sip of Earl Grey. "We just need to find a way for us to meet..." she continued thoughtfully.

Daniel tapped the keys on the keyboard again.

"How's next Tuesday, say around... 9 o'clock?" he said with a grin.

----To Be Continued----

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