Sonic Alpha (sonicalpha) wrote in innocencelost_,
Sonic Alpha

Assignment: Travis Aldridge (Part 1)

Raven rubbed the bridge of her nose, as she sat in the study reading the paperwork that was spread out over the large desk.

Having spent the past month in her new home, the mountain of paperwork was a welcome change to the endless number of meetings that the council had her doing. If Raven had to listen to one more territory dispute between rival clans, she swore she'd decapitate every member of the parties involved.

Raven's time at the manor, with the exception of the council's work, had so far been quite relaxing. A completely different change of pace from what she had been used to, though there were a few awkward moments when she was around the mortals that also resided in the manor. Raven wasn't accustomed to people serving her… then there was the one in the basement, Daniel. He was weird even by Raven's standards. Did he ever leave the basement?

Raven was letting her mind wander, and shifted it back to the documents on the desk, her latest assignment from the council. Details were thin on the target, a vile man by the name of Travis Aldridge, which wasn't the normal council standard. Though there was nothing normal about this assignment...

Travis Aldridge was a mortal.

----To Be Continued----

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