Sonic Alpha (sonicalpha) wrote in innocencelost_,
Sonic Alpha

A New Beginning (Part 3)

Raven crumpled the letter into a ball and threw it in the waste paper basket next to Angelo's desk.

"Dammit Angelo", she said softly, though the tone in her voice clearly showing her frustration.

Robert cleared his throat noisily behind Raven, indicating that he wanted to talk. Raven wiped the single tear from her cheek and turned to face him.

"I take it you know what Angelo has instructed?" she asked.
"Yes Miss Quelhaven, your room has been prepared and we are ready for your instructions." Robert folded his hands behind his back.
"Contact the council, let them know that I have arrived at the manor, and that I'm ready and waiting for their next assignment."
"As you wish, Miss Quelhaven." Robert turned to leave.
"Raven will do just fine, Robert."
"As you wish, Miss", with that Robert left the room.

Raven sighed, slumping back against the desk, when she heard another person approaching the study, though they were trying sneak up almost as if they were afraid. Catherine popped her head around the doorway, smiling nervously.

"I take it that you'll be staying then, miss?" Catherine said; nervous smile beaming across to Raven.
"I haven't got a choice, kid." Raven paced the room "Looks like you're stuck with me", she said reluctantly.
Catherine tried to hide the disappointment from her face, at seeing how the current situation sat with Raven. "Can I get you a drink Miss Q – err, I mean Raven?" She asked. "We have a fine assortment of blood, animal, hum-"
"Tea will be enough Catherine, Earl Grey if you have it."
"Certainly Miss, I'll get some right away."

Catherine's head disappeared from view, and Raven could hear her running down the corridor. Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Raven sighed again.

"Making me a high ranking council member, babysitting mortals, what have you gotten me into Angelo?"

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