May 28th, 2006

Angel/Buffy (InnocenceLost)

Writer's notes

When I first began writing, the universe that my characters inhabited was based on White Wolf's "World of Darkness", and "Vampire: The Masquerade".

However, over the years since my first additions to shadowedkisses and my own "fan fiction" shadowed_kisses, White Wolf have re-invented the universe with a new "World of Darkness", and replaced Masquerade with a new storytelling RPG called "Vampire: The Requiem".

While it's too late to change what I wrote for shadowedkisses and shadowed_kisses, innocencelost_ is still a fledgling and can be changed and updated for this "new" world.

I have taken creative licence and changed some things.  Areas no longer have a specific "prince" who rules over all, continuing the idea from shadowed_kisses the council rules the vast majority of the world.  It's made up of most vampire clans and various bloodlines, however there are rogue elements who refuse to bend to the will of others.

These rogue elements threaten to expose the secrets hidden in the shadows of an otherwise unsuspecting world, by breaking the "Masquerade Law", and using the mortals as pawns in their never ending war.

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