September 5th, 2005

Angel/Buffy (InnocenceLost)

A New Beginning (Part 2) - Letter from Angelo to Raven

My dearest Raven,

I hope that this letter finds you safe and well, as I have always wished. I only wish that things could be the same for myself, alas they are not.

Things have been coming to a head recently, between the council and myself. They have made certain decisions, which I believe to be the wrong ones.

When I look at the past 15 years, I feel that the events that have unfolded all appear to be part of a carefully laid out plan. A plan to what, I don't know.

I have to re-evaluate things, find out who it is that is toying in our lives, and why. I guess you could say I have to find myself again too. Until I return, the manor, and all its assets are yours to use, for anything you may need. In my absence, you will take my place on the council.

I have faith that you will make sure things run as they should, and not let things descend into chaos. I have contacted the council, informing them of my decision. Do not let their twisted views sway you; I trust you will do what needs to be done. Do not let me down, little one.

Nothing lasts forever, not even immortal vampiric love. I see that now.

Until we meet again,

----To Be Continued----

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