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Sorrryyyy but I think it's very obvious that this community is dead. With that said I'm leaving. It was fun while it lasted. And to all, I hope your remaining summer is awesome. Peace kids. ♥

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Name: Gabby
Age: 15
Location: Calabasas California

What makes someone beautiful? A person who is good on the inside. A beautiful person is someone who cares for other people and not only themselves at most times. In our society today beauty means you have to be "hot" or skinny or have nice clothing. Everyone has their own beauty.
What makes someone ugly? Someone who does not care about the people around them. A person who thinks they rise above everyone else in everything and every matter.
Why do you think you're beautiful? I am who I am. I don't think I am quite beautiful but I like myself and thats what matters to me, that I am comfortable with myself.

»Abortion: For it as well. A women has the choice to do whatever she feels is neccesary to do for her body. No one will tell me what I can or can't do with my body. Why reuin your life for one mistake, a big mistake I admit but the bigger mistake would be having your life ruined, and the childs life if you do have a baby at a young age. Abortions gives a girl the chance to make her life better. I'm sure opinions vary from person to person but this is what I gather for myself.

»Religion: I am personaly Athiest but religion is something for someone to believe in it gives them hope and it allows them to feel they have been helped by prayer or that they have some place to go when they are dead. Religion is good when people use it properly.
»Gay Marriage: I am all for it. Marry who you want to marry, why should anyone have a say in it but you. They don't. Fuck the law. Go Gays!

»Discrimination: People have no right to do so. There's not much to say then it's a horrible thing and people should stop for the same reason you wouldn't want it to happen to you.

Why did you apply here? For fun.
What do you think of the mod(s)?: I'm sure they are nice girls. I personaly never talked to either of them but I'm sure they are cool people.
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