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It's (fake) story time...
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This community is a place where you can post stories and use as your journal for things you only wished happened. Have fun and don't do drugs.
Dissing Conor Oberst will get you extra points with the mods. ~.^


1. Don't post anything hateful/racist, or detailed plans on how you're going to kill people... b/c that's not nice. Also, no detailed sex stories, because quite honestly, we don't want to read about that stuff.
2. Use correct spelling/grammar. Thanks.
3. Make a post when you join, and be active in the community.
4. You can state your opinions, but don't piss us off (I.E. Calling Conor Oberst hot), or we'll kick you. Everyone always says not to start drama, but feel free to do it here! ^-^
5. Tell your friends about this community if you think they'd like it. However, please don't spam other communities with our link. That's just annoying. As far as promoting other communities in here, it's okay as long as it accompanies a real entry and, if it a) is long, b) promotes more than one community, or c) includes large images, use an lj-cut. Don't know how? Check LiveJournal's FAQ.
6. On that topic, large images (and exceptionally large entries) should use an lj-cut. If you're not sure if you need one, use your best judgement. We'll ask you to put it behind a cut if need be.
7. Don't be easily offended.

If you ever have a real problem in this community, let either of the mods (seventyxtimesx7 or xsolitary_echox) know, and we'll do our best to take care of it.