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First post and I bring Fanart from the movie

Hope you like it!

When did you first get into Firefly?

Years ago I watched one of the episodes and I feel in love with it. By then the show had already been cancelled. I saww the movie and I feel in love with it again. Recently I watched all the episodes again (and in order this time!) and I'm in the mood for more Firefly.

Why do you love Simon/Kaylee?

Everything. I think it's really cute and I like how the relationship develops.

Favorite Simon/Kaylee moment?

All of them! But I really like the scene at the beginning of Objects In Space.

Do you like what was done with Simon/Kaylee in Serenity?

Of course 8D

Do you make graphics, fanvids, write fanfic, or rp?

I draw fan

Really cute Jewel/Sean Video

This video is absolutely adorable but I bet it's been posted before but who cares? :P It's great.

4:36 Sean is left speechless by a question
8:18 adorableeee Jewel/Sean moment

I'm new here but it seems there isn't much activity. =[ I wish I had gotten into firefly sooner. I'm putting my new member survey under the cut.

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Big damn heroes, sir

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