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A claim community to claim the one that you love!

Just leave a post saying who you wanna claim....anyone, a celebrity, b/f, g/f, LJ user, whoever you want!


1)maximum of 2 celebrities,(3 if you link in ur userinfo) and as many non-famous people as you want....the first 5 members to post get up to 5.

2)If you help out where I need it....Whether it be making an icon, background, layout or whatever, you can get more claims, and, who knows? possibly moderator status!

3)If I dont post your claims within 3 or 4 days, email me at charmed1k@aol.com. I'll update ASAP!!!

~*~Advertising Policy~*~
PLEASE ADVERTISE!!! I know how hard it is to get a community going, so feel free to advertise here...i'd prefer claim communities, but I can deal with other ones being advertised. I do ask that you put it on the same post as your claims, but a random advertisement or two wont hurt! As soon as I see it, I'll add it to our Communities list at the bottom of our user info. Just dont over-do it!!!

astin_daily for your daily dose of the man who brought us the adorable Mikey from the Goonies and the loyal Samwise Gamgee of the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

slave_claim. The name says it all...come here and claim somebody that you wish to enslave as your own....