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There's only too many things you can say and do if someone will not help themselves and take responsiblity for their own fucking actions.

Also there is only so much bitching and whining and the nod and smile routine you can take before you snap and tell them how it really is.

And then they're oblivious to why you're mad and they get offended and walk around in a stupor because you were "mean" to them. NO I wasn't mean to you you little cocksucking fucktard!!! I told you the damned truth which you have IGNORED and are STILL IGNOREING!!!

Stop blaming others for YOUR actions!!!
Stop living in your fantasy world.
Stop pretending you can sing!!! I know I'm bad and I admit it!!!...You don't have amusical career if you're planning on singing...
Stop obsessing over EVERY FUCKING GIRL that even glances your way.
Get you're life together and GET A FUCKING JOB AND HOME before you even THINK about getting together with someone...And Stop trying to get with people 18 and under get with someone you're own damn age.And stop going after people with boyfriends and then whine and say their boyfriend has taken them away from you.
You obsessed over Brandy,Kristen, Heather,Nichole and now this flavor of the month is Jessica...Stop it fucking stop it...and then you say it's their fault. It's not...Have you ever looked and realized.."Hey maybe it's me?"
You fucked over the ONLY person to stand by you, love you, and care for you . And you still never gave her an honest answer of why you left her.
You left her wondering if she was ever good enough to be loved again.
Wondering if she's too ugly,fat,disgusting and repulsive to ever be touched. You made her jump into relationships with assholes that cheated and abused her...all because you wouldn't give her the truth...
Yet she tried to help you through all of your little pitily bullshit fantasy world mess-ups...And She didn't give up on you even when she wanted to like a billion times.
NO She does not still have feelings...actually you have almost wore away every last drop of energy she had left...She barely wants you around as a friend just because of the way you drag her down...
Grow up,get a life, a job, a home and stop obsessing over bullshit...

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