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Obviously you read it wrong or you did that same crap you always do you read only what you want to read out of what is being fed to you. I don't hate you I hate the fact that you don't listen to ANYTHING I EVER say and then you ask for my advice. You want help...YOU can only help yourself and you refuse to. You want everything handed to you and I don't have anything to hand over to you because I need help...REAL help...Like I'm dying and all you're talking about is "Jessica" grow up...She never liked you the way you wanted her to. All you ever whine about is your flavor of the month...Maybe if you weren't so selfish people would like you more and your girlfriends wouln't leave you. And maybe if you actually LISTENED to what people have to say instead of laughing about it, or playing with your damned cell phone that doesn't even work.
Oh and another thing. Your homeless you have to take what you can get. Don't EVER tell someone in their own home that they can't eat. and then complain about what kind of food they have when they offer you some. You're one of the most selfish people I have ever met. And for you having kids an stuff...TAKE SOME F***ING responsibility. Don't expect the girl to not ask for money and help...You're a complete dumbass. You think you can get away with it. Even some little piece of paper signed can't stop the girl from getting your ass in trouble.
And if you don't want kids so bad then use some protection moron.Or don't have sex at all.I could easily go to your mom's and tell her EVERYTHING.
It was kinda dumb of you to tell my brother who knows exactly what I think and feel that I was mad at you because of Jessica...Stop living in a fantasy world. I'm mad at you abvout Jessica because you won't leave her the fuck alone when she obviously doesn't want you, and the fact that you can never persue someone your own damned age...According to your type I was too old when I was only 20. You're going to go after the wrong person...How many fights have you almost gotten into over girls??? You're either going to end up in jail because of staturory rape, non-payment of child support, or someone's going to land you in the hospital. I KNOW things and you can't fool me either way it comes.
You've got this creepy "I touch little kids" vibe about you and I don't like it. And the fact that all you want to do is play DDR, eat McDonald's,and not have a job...That's pedophile material.
So stop telling people that I "still have feelings for you" and that I'm mad at you "because of Jessica" niether one are true. I have someone that loves me deeply. and would never do the stuff you do to people.
You think I'm mad at you for telling you the truth...Why do you Laura stopped talking to you. We're tired of telling you the truth and listen to you whine about teen girl of the month.
We don't hate you. We want you to grow the F*** up and get your head out of your ass.
Act you F***ing age damn it!!!

(My tag line of my email is "Release The Negative Energy"..How ironic)

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