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... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой
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stupid so called friends

Omg, this exactly the place for me. Bitching is an essential part of my life.

So I have this friend let's say P. We used to be best buddies but in the past few months she got this Loser boyfriend who looks pathetic and well, she just grew distant and rude. Actually, I had a fight with her boyfriend (long story) which apparently angered her too, maybe she didnt show, but whatever might be the case, it annoys the hell out of me when she acts the way she does. I hate it when she judge people on the basis of their looks or clothing when she herself is far from perfect (Her clothes are pathetic and she doesn't know what Converse is. In her description she wrote "I have good HAIRS with an S. Loser). There's more to a person than just that. On the days I miss school and she cant, she would just ring me up and tease me about what a fabulous time she ha din class and how I missed it when I know she's just stretching it too far. I even shouted at her once and it really shocked her :D Deep down I can always smell jealousy when I do something that gets me attention. Moreover, she wont stop talking about her boyfriend S. "He did that and he did this oh and he looked so hot and we went for an outing blah blah blah!!" I want to say "OH! just shut up you bitch. I kno your fucking boyfriend can never look good so lets just stop pretending you faker. You will probably want to bang your head years (or maybe months) later when you realize your foolishness!" But luckily, I will be changing my school in 4 months (i.e. March) and get out of this hellhole. Till then I just tolerate her along with her crappy shit.

I hate...

Girls who don't want to do anything with their lifes but get married and pump out babies.

You're right, getting an education and doing something productive (even volunteer work), instead of adding more population to an overpopulated world is totally retarded.

I hate that people think I'm stupid for wanting or rather just knowing I will end up being the breadwinner in my family because I plan to get a PHD.

I don't want to live off of someone else, like a parasite, and have something else (a child), completely dependent on me, like a fucking parasite. I want to be able to pay for my own car, house, clothes, and food, thank you.

You can sing "Mrs.Independent" to yourself all you want, but then pay your own fucking bills and get a real education so you can get a real fucking job instead of stalking doctors and musicians on Myspace.

P.S. I also hate it when my boyfriend and boss get together and bitch. I'm totally left out because I've never had a wife.
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I hate the fact I got dumped for an ugly, aging goth dude and my ex still stalks my LJ account b/c my new gf is better looking than her. Makes no sense.
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I hate the fact that my coworker is so insecure about herself. I left the office early yesterday because i wasn't feeling well and I had taken a short lunch. Cool, she had to stay in the office for 30 more minutes for her shift to be over. She had to stay by herself, but I figure she's 28 years old, I'm sure she can handle herself. Apparently not! She left right after I did. And who happens to call the office for some vital information? THE FREAKING VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY!!!!! So now he's pissed because no one was there during work hours, I'm pissed because she's such a baby that she can't handle being by herself for half an hour, my boss is pissed because the VP found out we all left. Ugh, and my coworker comes in late almost every freakin day!!! So this morning she's in an hour late, and the office manager and I were talking about things in her office. So as soon as she walks in the door, she comes into the conversation like "What's up, what were you talking about?" Who the hell invited you into the convo? Go freakin log into your computer and do something constructive!!!! I bust my ass to make sure I'm never late, I'm the most reliable person in the office, I've been here the longest. UGH, it just irks me!!!!! And I would love to tell her so, but that would just make the office atmosphere tense and she'd probably quit and leave us all int he lerch since she handles payroll. I totally hate her stupid insecurity.
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I hate timezones

I hate timezones. I live in Australia and the only time I get to talk to interesting people is when I should really be sleeping. It just doesn't seem fair that I have to be stuck in a crappy zone. I don't care that I get to see alot of thing before other places. I would forfiet seeing the new day before any country so that I could talk to people from other countries at a decent time.

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I hate my coworker. I have many, many posts that can elaborate on this. Instead I have a question for you. My boyfriend hates his coworker as well. She has actually been bold enough as to change his time sheet so that his times correspond with hers (by cutting his hours back, not hers). Do any of you know of any articles regarding coworkers doing this that resulted in a nasty lawsuit or something? I want to print one out and just leave it on the counter there before her shift. Just to mess with her and all.

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I hate little 13 year old couples who hang out at the mall. The girls are always much taller than the boys, they don't shop, and I see them all the time in the food court, crying. Seriously, go somewhere else to cry about your lives which don't mean anything yet, you're only 13.