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Questions for the Game of Life

Wench Boobies
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wench [ wench ]

noun (plural wench·es)

1. servant girl: a girl or young woman who works at a paid job, usually as a servant or on a farm ( archaic )

2. country girl: a girl or young woman who lives in a rural area ( archaic )


Okie dokie, well here we are!
The three community moderators are, in no particular order:

We all made up this little community based on a book Gayle and I bought. If any of you want to pick the book up at a bookstore, it is called If...(Questions for the Game of Life) by Evelyn McFarlane & James Saywell
We are going to take questions from the book each day, or whenever we have the chance, and place them in the community. You may answer by
a) Posting your answer
b) Commenting on the post.

You may also post your own questions. There really isn't any out of context here, that's what makes us so cool. But, we would like you to kind of stick to things like this:
IF you could have sued any one person in your life, who would it be, and for what?

Well, that's basically it, if you have any questions, contact any of the moderators. Other than that, start asking questions and have fun!